I work as a part-time teaching faculty (independent instructor) of the Data Visualization course for the ECE Department at Northeastern University, where I taught over 40 undergraduate and graduate students throughout the whole semester in Fall 2018, Spring 2019 and Fall 2019, respectively. Many thanks to the great support from my teaching assistant, guest lecturers, and all the students in my class.

Part-time Teaching Faculty

  • EECE 5642: Data Visualization, Fall 2019

    Introduces relevant topics and concepts in visualization, including computer graphics, visual data representation, physical and human vision models, numerical representation of knowledge and concept, animation techniques, pattern analysis, and computational methods. Topics include tools and techniques for practical visualization and elements of related fields, including computer graphics, human perception, computer vision, imaging science, multimedia, human-computer interaction, computational science, and information theory. Covers examples from a variety of scientific, medical, interactive multimedia, and artistic applications. Includes hands-on exercises and projects. Emphasizes modern engineering applications of computer vision, graphics, and pattern classification methodologies for data visualization.

  • EECE 5642: Data Visualization, Spring 2019
  • EECE 5642: Data Visualization, Fall 2018

Teaching Assistant